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Chinese online retailer welcomes Kiwis to tap into Chinese market

Photo courtesy of Alias 0591 on Flickr

Photo courtesy of Alias 0591 on Flickr, a Chinese online retailing website with more than 230 million users, is encouraging small New Zealand businesses to use its platform to tap into the huge Chinese market.

Formerly Taobao Mall,, is a Chinese-language website for online retailing in China. It is owned by the world’s largest online and mobile commerce company, Alibaba Group. touts itself as an “online shopping mall” where products are sold and brands are marketed to China’s increasingly wealthy middle class.

Alibaba Group spokesman Ken Ma said, used China’s advanced courier infrastructure to deliver goods to customers within one to three days, meaning goods purchased in New Zealand could wind up on Chinese doorsteps within a few days.

For example, Ma said, in a recent campaign promoting New Zealand fresh seafood, more than 50,000 live oysters were sold in one week and the Chinese customers who ordered them had live oysters delivered from New Zealand to their doorstep within a day or so.

The site gives New Zealand businesses access to China’s third and fourth tier cities, which historically could not access fresh international foods or the latest fashion trends, Ma said.

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