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Kiwi online wine retailer Rewined on fast-forward to success

Photo courtesy of Uncalno Tekno on Flickr

Photo courtesy of Uncalno Tekno on Flickr

New Zealand online wine retailer Rewined chose to operate solely on the internet to cut costs and maintain optimum flexibility, operations manager Shannon Lawrence says.

“The online space is the fastest growing channel for wine sales in New Zealand,” Lawrence told The New Zealand Herald recently. “Being solely online we don’t have the commitment to inventory or the overheads associated with having a bricks-and-mortar retail space, nor do we have to contend with the same geographic limitations. It allows us to keep things simple and be flexible.”

In order to best serve their customers, the business aims to keep its website as responsive as possible to any device a customer might be using, she added.

To drive people to the site, which has been up and running since late 2013, the company uses Google Adwords, email and Facebook to communicate with customers, Lawrence noted, and Google Analytics to keep track of the numbers.

And wine is just the beginning for the company, which has plans to grow.

“As our customer base grows, I would love to see us diversify into other products that fit their lifestyle – maybe craft beer, fresh coffee or organic foods,” Lawrence says. “They are similar to wine in that they are inherently fairly simple products with really rich stories, produced by passionate people and have little nuances that make each one unique.”

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