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Logmate launches app for drivers to go paperless

Photo courtesy of Leo Reynolds on Flickr

Photo courtesy of Leo Reynolds on Flickr

A new app approved by the New Zealand Transport Agency is helping commercial drivers in New Zealand go paperless by doing away with their cumbersome paper log books.

Logmate launched for both iPhone and Android recently in New Zealand and finally catches commercial driving up to other industries that are embracing new technology, its founder and managing director Greg McDowell said.

“The application simplifies work time entries by saving driver details, leveraging smartphone GPS and date-time capabilities to enable driver to log a day’s activity at the press of a button. The baked in intelligence of the Land Transport Act 1998, means the app also reminds and informs drivers as obligations arise.”

“Nobody likes paperwork but for commercial and passenger endorsed drivers the need to comply with the law means they need to track their every movement, says McDowell. “Through the use of our proprietary integrated software, we can now do it for them. Enabling New Zealand drivers to focus on the important aspects of their job and know that their records are complete and accurate, encrypted and saved securely in the cloud.”

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