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Save Time & Costs with a Template-Based Website Design

Themes and Templates – How They Improve Website Development Back in the early 2000s, designing a website took a whole lot longer than it does today. Without modern tools such as templates, page builders and content management systems, developers had to manually code every part of their website. This usually resulted in a long, time-consuming […]

5 Tips for Securing your WordPress Login Page

In a typical WordPress installation, the login page is one of the most vulnerable pages on the entire website. For this reason, it is important that you protect it against potential attacks and exploits. Follow the tips below to protect your WordPress login page...
eCommerce Email Marketing Best Practices

eCommerce Email Marketing Best Practices

Email marketing remains to this day, the best way to retain and gain returning customers to your eCommerce store. That’s why we have prepared a guide on eCommerce Email Marketing Best Practices. For the purposes of this guide, we will assume you currently have a list...

Help, My Website Has Been Hacked!

Has your WordPress website been hacked? In most cases, website hacks are not done directly by hackers, but through automated scripts – robots programmed to crawl the web, looking for vulnerabilities to exploit. But don’t panic, this article will show you how to...