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Selling Online – Online Stores – from $29.95 per month

Selling Online – Online Stores – from $29.95 per month

Start with a purpose…

Selling online is not a passing fad. In fact, there are larger businesses making over $100m per year from selling online. Little businesses are also doing very well!

But selling online is now considered an integral part of any smart business owner’s plan. Just like you sell on the phone, in person and on e-mail, have you thought about your website as a sales tool?

When thinking about having an online store, ask yourself why you want to do it.

  • Is it to just have it there because everyone else is doing it?
  • Is it to compliment what you are doing in your store or office?
  • Are you starting a new business that will sell exclusively online?

Every business has a unique reason for wanting to sell online, so what’s yours? We’re happy to discuss this with you and brainstorm a bit to see if we can assist further.

Suggestion 1 – DIY Online Store – $29.95 plus GST per month

You’ve seen these DIY online stores around the place. But you don’t really understand how to actually install the thing, or what to do just to get it working.

We offer a basic service to just install all the things for you, without doing anything else. It means you can bypass all the time you would spend mucking around trying to figure it all our yourself, but without having to commit to a full online store offering.

Then, if you’re happy with your DIY job you can start selling online. But you’re safe in the knowledge we’re there to support you on an hourly basis if you need a bit of help with anything.

Suggestion 2 – Basic Online Store

For new businesses especially, delving into the world of online sales can be daunting.

What we offer is a low risk solution to get you selling online quickly and with little risk. Because we can show you what you’re getting before you pay a thing.

We’ll set up the following for you:

  • A website you can manage yourself using the popular WooCommerce Online Store Solution
  • An online store you can manage yourself, accepting payments too with our advice – by Paypal or direct bank transfer*
  • A design from WooThemes, customised with your logo and colours
  • Setup
  • Installation
  • Configuration of all the settings to your requirements
  • Changing of the colours to match your branding
  • A heading graphic with your logo
  • Training on how to use the system
  • Initial troubleshooting on problems and how to’s

The service we offer with this solution includes all the information and advice you need to start selling online. We guide you through everything, and can provide ongoing advice to help improve your online sales.

*Ask us about more options!

Suggestion 3 – Pro Online Store – Higher end solution

The Basic Online Store option above might seem okay, but you need something better than that.

We are experienced website developers, making online stores for ourselves and our clients since 2004. We can tailor a solution to meet your requirements, that can grow with your business as sales improve and your needs change.

Contact us below with your questions, or call us on 04 972 3334.