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Problems with WordPress Web Hosting & email provider

Problems with WordPress Web Hosting & email provider

Had enough of your web hosting & email provider?

Are you spending more time dealing with website and email problems, than running your own business?

You might be having problems with things like:

  1. E-mail is on again / off again.
  2. Support is in the US, or online only, or so difficult to get in touch with that it’s not worth bothering calling them when you have a problem.
  3. Bad customer service.
  4. Your website is slow, sometimes doesn’t load, problems are endless.

You’re not alone. Every day we help new clients move their services away from tardy providers.

It’s too hard and technical to solve – I’ll just let it get worse

Surprisingly we find this is the attitude of many people. It’s not your fault though.

If you’re struggling with these problems, it’s difficult for you to think about, let alone deal with and find a solution.

  1. It’s too technical.
  2. What if they delete my website and emails if I try to move away.
  3. I don’t know how to move away.

These are all valid feelings you may be having that prevent you from finding a solution.

The truth is…

The absolute truth of the matter, is that to move providers there isn’t really anything you need to do at all. With OPMC we’ll:

  • Ask you some basic questions.
  • Do the legwork for you & liaise with your provider as needed.
  • Take the pain out of the whole process.

The great thing you’ll find is that while we help a lot of people to get out of unhealthy and sometimes technically complex web hosting & email provider relationships, we speak Plain English too, so you don’t need to worry about getting lost in jargon.

So tell us your problems…

We’re not certified counsellors, but we are good at fixing web hosting and email challenges.

Why not tell us your problematic experience using the form below. We’ll then contact you with our feedback and thoughts on a solution.

Or give us a call – 04 972 3334