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Successful Kiwi says New Zealand could be tech start-up mecca

Photo courtesy of Angela Thomas on Flickr

Photo courtesy of Angela Thomas on Flickr

Successful Kiwi entrepreneur and Google executive Victoria Ransom says New Zealand has potential to create a “robust technology ecosystem” for start-ups.

Ransom, who is director of product for Google in Silicon Valley, says she is optimistic about NZ’s potential for growth but believes several areas need greater focus if business is to thrive.

“I’ve been really pleasantly surprised by the number of start-ups that are in New Zealand [and] the innovation that’s coming out of those start-ups.The core is there; the beginnings are there,” she said.

Ransom believes scholarships and subsidised fees for science and technology courses could attract students to study in these fields.

“It’s hard to create a robust tech industry if you don’t have access to good engineers and people with technology backgrounds,” she said.

Ransom also said she thinks it is critical that New Zealand does more to attract talent through the immigration system and investment from overseas and that the biggest predictors of success for entrepreneurs are ambition and hard work.

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