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WordPress Woocommerce Online Store Solutions

WordPress Woocommerce Online Store Solutions

WooCommerce gives you complete control over your online store

WooCommerce is the internet’s premier ecommerce site, making it simple to create and manage your own online business.

WooCommerce shot out of the gate back in 2011 and is already on par with Shopify, which started operations in 2006, for popularity as an ecommerce service. And it’s trouncing the long established Big Commerce and Volusion in popularity.

What makes WooCommerce such a popular option with people looking to create their own online stores can be attributed to its ease of use and completely customizable templates. And while other ecommerce services can claim to be user friendly, WooCommerce offers something they don’t; ownership.

If you choose to build your site with Big Commerce or Shopify, you may be able to customise it and use all the available options of the service, but you will not actually own your site. You are essentially just renting space on the servers with those companies for a monthly fee. But they still own your online store, not you.

If Big Commerce, whose popularity stagnated long ago, suddenly goes out of business, your store would go with it because it belongs to the company and not you.

Another negative aspect about not owning your own store is that you are not able to move it. Once you’ve invested all of your time and energy into creating a store with Shopify or BigCommerce, you’re stuck with that service. If you decide you want to leave the service, you cannot simply transfer all of your files and your templates onto another server and move the store because, again, you don’t own it.

However, with WooCommerce, you own your store and you get to choose where it is hosted. If you have servers available, you can host your own website or you can choose to host it with a secure, reliable and professional web-hosting service like OPMC. And, if you decide you want to move your store from one server to another, you are absolutely free to do that.

If you’ve already established your store on Shopify or BigCommerce and you are wary about having to start over to get away from them, OPMC can help. We will work with you to quickly have your store — which you will own — up and running quickly.

WooCommerce has hundreds of plugins to choose from to customise your store exactly the way you want to and to help drive traffic to your store.

Simply fill out the form below to get started. You deserve to own your own business, not just run it.