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Welcome to OPMC.

Our passion is creating, managing and growing successful Online Stores for our Clients. We’re into building long term relationships to foster success – why not explore our services to findout why?

*We also do other stuff with Payment Express.

Online Stores

Selling online is not a passing fad. In fact, there are larger businesses making over $100m per year...

Re: Your terrible web hosting

Are you spending more time dealing with website and email problems, than running your own business?

Integration with payment express

We’ve been using it since 2003, and we highly recommend it. Technically it’s easy to work with and reliable....

Your Hacked Website

There’s no doubt that WordPress is a wonderful tool for businesses and individuals who need a professional...

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide high quality web solutions to our clients, that inspire them to refer us to others.


Help, My Website Has Been Hacked!

Has your Wordpress website been hacked? In most cases, website hacks are not done directly by hackers, but through automated scripts - robots programmed to crawl the web, looking for vulnerabilities to exploit. But don’t panic, this article will show you how to fix...

Best WooCommerce Plugins That Increase eCommerce Sales

Would you like to know the best WooCommerce Plugins that increase your sales for you? On auto-pilot… while you sleep? That’s exactly what these plugins do. Imagine these WooCommerce Plugins as “employees” of your eCommerce store. Some use intelligent AI to offer...

How To Generate More Sales Online With Better eCommerce Store Design

With the first post in our eCommerce series, we wanted to focus on a factor that plays a significant part in online sales: your eCommerce store's design. A well-optimised website could mean the difference between a paying customer or lost opportunity. So without...