Payment Express has Rebranded Themselves as “Windcave”

Payment Express is now Windcave

Why has Payment Express changed their name to Windcave?

Recently, Payment Express announced that they would be rebranding themselves as Windcave. This change was made so that they appear unique and stand out against other payment providers worldwide. Throughout the rebranding, all services will remain the same.

“Windcave will continue our mission as an omnichannel solution for merchants, providing global payment methods with a multitude of value-added features that enhance our customers’ experience. We will also continue to develop, manage and own our industry-leading intellectual property and infrastructure so as to better respond to our customers’ evolving needs and expectations.”


Will the rebranding cause any problems with our WooCommerce plugins?

During the rebranding of Payment Express, we can assure you that all of our WooCommerce plugins will still continue to function correctly. Your still will still be able to receive payments and function as it normally would.

How will the rebranding affect your business?

Windcave have assured users of their services that everything will continue to run normally. If customers have questions, they will still be able to make contact with the company through Payment Express contact channels.


What will change over time?

Eventually, Windcave plans to replace all Payment Express branded hardware with Windcave branded hardware. Throughout and following this replacement process, Payment Express hardware will continue to work the same.



Read Windcave’s official rebranding announcement here